Demonetization has been a big move for a large country like India. The FinTech companies in India have played a huge role in helping with the paradigm shift. From making payments practical and quick to increasing the security of transactions, there has been a lot of background work that these businesses take care of. 

Indian FinTech brands have been doing a great job with their video marketing strategies. Video marketing has been one of the strongest tools that have helped Indian FinTech companies earn the trust of the masses. 

Making It Simple


To some people, the concept of demonetization, as well as digital payments, might be new. The popular FinTech brands in India have been creating simple ads that can eliminate the fear of the unknown. This comes as an advantage for those who are skeptical about trusting online money transactions. These brands have been sharing videos that reiterate that demonetization doesn’t have to be a daunting step. Such videos normalizing everyday financial transactions through digital platforms have made it possible to popularize the concept and simplify it. 

Using video editing tools like VideoCreek, these FinTech companies try to maintain a particular theme in their videos. These connect the ads released and make it possible for the audience to easily relate to the concepts conveyed. 

Show Them How It Is Done

One of the major hurdles stopping people from going with digital transactions is the lack of knowledge. Some of the FinTech brands have combined their advertisement videos and demonstration videos. Some concise ads quickly show the audience how to execute payments. This makes it possible for the users to get all the information they need about the process through the ads instead of hunting for details from multiple sources. Demonstration of the actual payment process makes sure that all those who are new to using the app would try to make payments and fund transfers without hesitation. 

Stay Ahead In The Competition


With several mobile wallet apps and several financial transaction methods, the well-known Indian FinTech brands have always tried to pay attention to their position in the segment. Videos that they create as a part of the digital marketing campaigns have given them a competitive edge. This is how some of the companies have managed to grab more eyeballs and earn loyal customers. Video marketing has been particularly useful in these competitive scenarios as most of the offerings of these FinTech companies are more or less similar. These ads make it possible for them to let the customers know what differentiates their services from those offered by the competitors. 

Focusing On The Benefits

Sometimes, people do not use the online transaction options merely because they do not know the list of things they can do with these FinTech services. Most of the FinTech companies’ ads have focused on talking about features offered by them. There are several repetitive payments like monthly electricity bills, satellite TV bills, gas bills, and more that can be paid through these apps hassle-free. 

The brands have utilized videos to show customers the different types of financial transactions they can execute through their smartphone apps or desktop computers. With this, they have managed to encourage the customers to utilize all the features offered. The videos show that digital transactions are executed through secure channels and that they are completed in a short duration. Such information conveyed is valuable to customers who are looking for ways to tackle last-minute payments. 

The Power Of Digital Media


Now that most social media platforms allow sharing videos in the Feed or Stories, video-based ads are resourceful. FinTech brands have been using social media platforms to target audiences across the country with their short and straightforward ads. With the penetration of the internet to the nooks and crannies of the world, these brands have managed to tap into the potential of digital media. Spreading awareness through their video-based ads, these FinTech brands have made more people aware of the many opportunities that digital financial transactions present. 

Break The Language Barriers

Pages of content can go waste due to language barriers. In a large country like India, where multiple local languages are spoken, some FinTech brands stand out with their easy-to-understand ads. Some of these ads convey so much without using any words, and so the same ad can be reused in multiple regions. Reusing the ads across different social media and digital media channels also become easy. This can be useful for FinTech startups looking for budget-cutting measures. 

Short Videos That Pack A Punch


Marketing strategies that reach out to the audience with different attention spans would be the most successful ones. Some Indian FinTech brands release short and catchy videos that are just a few seconds long. Within a few seconds of screen time, these video ads end up creating a lasting impact. 

Influencing Without Influencers


Most popular FinTech companies have been creating relatable ads with simple messages that any audience would easily understand. Real-life scenes have been captured, and ads without celebrities and influencers have also been popular in the segment. Incorporating themes that talk about real-life payment difficulties and overcoming them has helped several of these brands to make a strong impact. Ads are talking about all the practical advantages of online payments. Some show how a majority of the population has already started using them. This helps change the perspective of those who are still utilizing the traditional modes of payments for bills and more. 


The Indian FinTech brands equipped with their powerful videos have made it possible for people of all ages and demographics to understand the power and perks of digital payments. These have wisely utilized the reach of digital platforms for advertising the idea and making the demonetization process smoother to implement.