One of the first things on the women’s shopping list is perfume. It makes them feel beautiful, happy, elegant and confident. There are a lot of different scents and companies who are producing fragrancies. Today we will see 10 best perfumes for ladies under RS300 in India.

As there are different smells, there are also different prices. The main factors when we are choosing the perfect perfume can be the brand name or price, but also we want some durable, unique, pure or exotic scent. Choosing the right perfume is very difficult, so a lot of people stay loyal to the one favorite scent.

How to find perfect perfume?


As we said, looking for the perfect perfume can last very long, so women usually stay loyal and use one brand very long. A perfect perfume is not something unimportant. That is the expression of the personality and style. It describes us in a special light. Every scent has a different smell on a different person, so if we get a recommendation for some perfume, maybe it won’t be the ideal perfume for us.

Scent structure

The most important thing when we are choosing an ideal scent is structure. The structure consists of base, middle and top notes. Top note is the first scent that a person can smell when it is applied to the skin. It disappears quickly, usually lasts about 30 minutes. Very often it has smelled like lavender, citrus or lemongrass.

When we speak about middle notes, that is the second scent that comes after top notes and lasts up to five hours. They come when top notes fade away. Very often are used some florals like jasmine, lavender or rose, but also spice can be used, like cardamom, cinnamon, and coriander.

The third part is base notes and the most important part of every perfume. That is what every person wants to feel on own skin. It smells like musk, sandalwood or vanilla.


The concentration of the perfume is very important because the higher concentration means that perfume contains more oils that alcohol. At the same time, that means that perfume will stay longer on our skin and it will be stronger.

Nowadays we can buy a lot of different types of concentrations:


– Perfume – this concentration will last the longest and also has the highest price;
– Eau de Perfume – it’s usually for everyday usage and can last for about five hours;
– Eau de Toilette – This perfume is usually for daywear and lasts to about three hours;
– Eau de Cologne – this perfume that lasts up to two hours has a very high concentration of alcohol and it is very  cheap;
Eau Fraiche – this scent has a lower concentration than Eau de Cologne, but instead of alcohol, it is made up of water.

Now we will mention some of the best perfumes under RS 300 in India for ladies.

1. Engage W2 Perfume Spray for Women


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For only Rs.160 you can get this refreshing fragrance without added water that makes you feel like laying on the beach of the Mediterranean coastline on a summer day. It gives you a nice chocolate note that can stay on the skin for a long time.

2. Fogg Fragrant Body Spray for Women Paradise


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This is a spray with a floral scent for everyday use. You can get this for Rs.210. There is no gas inside. The smell of this perfume stays on your skin very long and gives a refreshing feeling to your body.

3. Engage Cologne Spray G1 for Women


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This Cologne is perfect for parties or some special occasions due to fresh woody and long-lasting scent. Also, you can wear this during the day because it is a fresh fragrance. It costs only Rs.275.

4. Arochem Charming Girl concentrated perfume


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This fragrance oil is very popular because it is very concentrated, doesn’t contain dehydrating chemicals and it stays on the skin longer. This perfume contains natural oil, so it is suitable for most skin types. The fresh scent of an apple tree, camellia flowers and blackcurrant made its top note. Little package (6ml) of this perfume costs Rs.100.

5. Revlon Charlie Perfume body spray, Red

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Every person likes to have a very strong body spray for day usage. This fragrance can stay up to 4 hours on the skin. It makes you stay fresh all day. Very nice designed red aluminum package costs Rs.170.

All those perfumes that we mentioned above present the best perfumes under Rs.300 in India for ladies that are very popular nowadays. Also, we made a short guide about different types of perfumes and how to pick an ideal scent for every person and occasion. You just have to choose what kind of fragrance describes your personality and says something about you.

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