India, as many other countries in the world, has a problem with the huge outflow of students and young, capable minds. Many are now seeking better lives, jobs, and studies in the other countries arguing that India doesn’t have much to offer. Not only are people leaving, but many NRIs (non-resident Indian is a person or Indian origin that lives outside the Republic of India) are pushing other young people out of the country with alluring stories about the beautiful life outside of India. This is a major problem for the country as more and more smart and ambitious people are moving away.

Currently, over 16 million NRIs are living in countries outside of India. Better job opportunities, higher paychecks, more stable socio-political environment, and better education, are just some of the reasons NRIs mention when answering why Indians should leave their country.

However, leaving the country isn’t the solution. It’s about making India better for everyone. The lack of patriotism among the NRIs bothers a lot of Indian citizens and there are people fighting against this huge brain drain. One of them is a multi-millionaire rocket scientist and entrepreneur, Akhil Turai.


According to One World Herald, Mr. Turai is an incredibly smart and resourceful scientist who is dedicated to his two major start-ups in the Space and Engineering Industries. He hopes to solve some main issues in the space industry such as the accumulation of space junk around our planet. Mr. Turai is also doing his best to bring new workplaces and better support for many people through his second start-up which is Engineering based and set to start in 2021. The Engineering start-up is going to solve a lot of major day to day problems that India faces, and R&D for new inventions.

He is a man who is constantly traveling. He’s visited over 50 countries already and is now familiar with their economies and the challenges they face. However, he always returns home to India. Traveling and familiarizing yourself with other cultures is important, but people should be able to return to their homes at the end of the day(the only exclusion would be the people working in the restaurants to serve authentic Indian food and ministers working in the Indian Embassies in the respective foreign countries).

Mr. Turai recognized the major problem of emigration of brilliant minds and his attitude concerning this is a pretty simple one: people should be working on improving the country, helping India grow and evolve, instead of leaving it. India needs young and smart people working on it which is why Mr. Turai is paying his employees the amount of money they could expect to receive in other countries. He’s looking for intelligence, resourcefulness, and ambition in his employees. It’s not about the degree you have, it’s about how dedicated to the goal you are and the skills you have. However, more different incentives are necessary for India to prevent people from leaving.


Keeping the talented people in the country is one of Mr. Turai’s major goals and so far, he’s been doing a great job. He also serves as a great motivation and inspiration for other entrepreneurs to grow and become better. He thinks that there are many people who share his attitudes and aspirations and that people who are born in the ‘90s and later have very progressive views. Mr. Turai expects a lot from these young people and claims that they are the non-corrupt generation that will understand science, technology, and moral.