What is a food processor? Well, it is a kitchen device that is used for slicing, mixing, juicing, and chopping different kinds of vegetables or fruits. It saves a lot of time you would spend on doing all these actions by yourself. It consists of a few parts like feed tube and bowl. At most times, feed tubes serve as a pusher or a chute. The vast majority of today`s food processors are handy and safe to use.

Food processors, huh? We have seen them countless times on tv, mostly on tv commercials, where some guy explains how that product is something you that you can’t live without. Usually, that kind of products lacks quality. We are here to present you with 7 food processors that will surely provide the much-needed quality and, of course, will come at reasonable prices in India.

1. Inalsa Inox

Inalsa Inox

source: youtube

Inalsa is a part of Taurus company specialized in food processors, which was founded in Spain in the late sixties. In India, Inalsa is present for more than thirty years. Inalsa Inox works on 1000 watts. It has a stainless-steel shell, with a gauzy jar, grinder jar for both dry and wet grinding, five SS blade discs, kneading jar with chopper blade and a classic blade.


  • Safety sensor device which stops the motor from working when parts are not properly connected.
  • Overheat safety protection system.
  • Two-year product warranty.

2. Usha


source: northbengalelectricstores.com

Product of Usha will make all the work in the kitchen. It features a 600 watts motor. It is designed especially for handling all the needs for Indian food preparation. This food processor offers multiple actions like grating, slicing, blending, grinding, mincing, kneading, etc.


  • 600 wat power engine.
  • 2L capacity processing bowl.
  • Safety features.
  • Cleaning brush, spatula, and fruit filter with both centrifugal and citrus juicer attachments.

3. Brayden Intellio

Brayden Intellio

source: pinterest

Brayden`s food processor, Intellio 2.0, is a multi-food processor. It has a double-layered chopping blade that operates on two speeds, and a double standard safety in a feature called pulse control. Its engine works on 350 watts, and it can be used for making puree or vegetable and fruit grinding. Also, it comes with a removable bowl. Plus, it features a shred/slice removable disc.


  • Overheat protection that provides a longer duration of the food processor.
  • A system, called anti-vibrate system that prevents leaking when the processor starts shaking.
  • The bowl that has a 400ml capacity.
  • The processor that stays sturdy even when the machine starts shaking.

4. Bajaj FX-11

Bajaj FX-11

source: youtube

The Bajaj processor features a stylish and sleek finish with a strong body which helps the endurance. It comes with three sets of jars and one bowl which can be used for multiple effects. The chutney and grinding jar have a stainless body and bowl made from polycarbonate material. Blades are made from stainless steel, they are sharp, and they last very long.


  • Grinding jar (1L), chutney jar (0.3L), and liquidizing jar (5L).
  • It offers services like shredding, slicing, grinding, juice making, and kneading.
  • It requires a power of 600 watts.
  • Jar lock.
  • Motor overload protection.

5. Inalsa Fiesta

Inalsa Fiesta

source: snapdeal.com

Another Inalsa product on our list. We are presenting you with Inalsa Fiesta food processor which works on 650 watts. It will take over all the manual processes, from grinding to chopping. It operates on a very low voltage of 220 to 240.


  • A blade made of stainless steel which gives sharper and faster cuts.
  • A powerful motor which has grinder jar and multi-utility blender.
  • Guidelines for any problems you might have while using it.
  • An anti-skid bottom, which will prevent the food processor from slipping.
  • It operates on very low noise, about 80 db.
  • The power required is 650 watts.
  • Grinding and Blender jars
  • Product warranty is two years long, and motor warranty is five years long.

6. Philips HL1661

Philips HL1661

source: snapdeal.com

A white color, stylish, and sturdy food processor from Philips. It features five energy rating. It several purposes like mincing, slicing, blending, scraping, wet grinding and shredding. It will save you the time you would spend on doing all of these actions manually. Also, Hl1661 comes with citrus and centrifugal juicers.


  • Five different jars, from 0.4L to 1.2L of capacity.
  • A wide array of blades like mixing blade, slicing blade, grating blade, and chutney blade.
  • Both citrus and centrifugal juicers.
  • Two-speed setting system.
  • Power consumption of 700 watts.

7. Philips HR 7629/90

Philips HR 7629/90

source: pinterest

Philips HR 7629/90 is a food processor that can help you with most of your food preparing demands. Its engine requires 650 watts power. The highlight of this Philips` product is a PowerChop technology, which can perform in various actions like slicing, shredding, and chopping. The bowl has the capacity of 2.1L and it is perfect for mixing cake batters.


  • Emulsifying tool.
  • 75L jar and 2L bowl.
  • 40% larger feeding tube than usual size.
  • Two-speed settings.

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